Fundamental values and principles

Fundamental values and principles


The set of values and principles that constitute a guide for the conduct of Gorenjska banka employees toward their colleagues, partners and customers is summarised in the Code of Business Ethics.


This helps employees make decisions and carry out daily work responsibilities. Full respect of the Code strengthens both the reputation of the employees in the bank and the bank itself. It contributes to the responsible conduct of the individual and the overall work of the bank, and consequently to higher business standards.


In the case of a suspicion of a breach of any provision of the Code, you have the right to submit a notification.


Anyone who in good faith draws attention to a violation of the Code, can count on the bank’s highest level of confidentiality and protection.


The notification (anonymous or disclosed) can be submitted in either of the following two ways:



Deloitte – notification of violation


Bank  -   notification of violation

“The content of the Code is familiar to all the bank’s employees. In our work, we follow, develop and enrich the provisions.”

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