After the 32nd General Meeting of Gorenjska banka

After the 32nd General Meeting of Gorenjska banka

The shareholders of Gorenjska banka familiarised themselves with the operations of the Bank in 2017 and approved the proposal to allocate a part of the profits in the amount of EUR 658 thousand as dividend pay-outs.


Gorenjska banka concluded the 2017 financial year with positive results. The distributable profit of EUR 658,087.55 is to be distributed among the shareholders, which means that the dividend is EUR 1.85 per share and will be paid to beneficiaries no later than 20 September. The remaining distributable profit of EUR 6,961,056.48 is retained and will be used for other debit entries.


The shareholders at the General Meeting also familiarised themselves with the Annual report of the Bank and gave a discharge to the Management Board and Supervisory Board for the financial year of 2017.


Gorenjska banka made a profit of EUR 15.6m in 2017 from its regular operations. It formed impairments and provisions of EUR 5.5m and concluded the financial year with a net profit of EUR 6.5m. The scope of operations, measured with total assets, was increased by 23.8%. An approximate 21 percent increase in deposits, as well as the growth of the credit portfolio, contributed to the growth. Gorenjska banka achieved above-average growth rates in credit and deposit areas, which also reflected in the stronger market position.


Even in the first six months of this year, Gorenjska banka remains successful in achieving its target growth levels and planned key performance indicators. The realised net profit is at EUR 11.4m. The Bank is also maintaining its position as one of the leading domestic vehicle and equipment leasing providers. The capital adequacy and liquidity position of the Bank both remain on a high level.


Three new members of the Supervisory Board were appointed as per the proposal of AIK Banka. Jurij Bajec, PhD, Vladimir Sekulić and Tim Umberger all obtained a 5 year mandate.


Information on the submission of counterproposals


Mario Henjak appointed Management Board President of Gorenjska banka

The SB of Gorenjska banka has appointed Mr Mario Henjak as the Management Board President. He will assume the office on the day of receiving the permit from the Bank of Slovenia, which he has already requested.


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