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Business activities

Performing banking, mutually recognised and additional financial services.


Gorenjska banka d.d., Kranj is authorised to perform banking services under Article 5 of the Banking Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No.: 25/15; hereinafter referred to as the Banking Act 2).

The bank is authorised to perform mutually recognised and additional financial services. It may perform the following mutually recognised financial services under Article 5 of the Banking Act 2:

  1. Receiving deposits and other repayable funds;
  2. Factoring with or without recourse (factoring) and financing commercial transactions, including export financing based on buying-in at a discount and without recourse to long-term claims not yet fallen due, collateralised with a financial instrument (forfeiting);
  3. Financial leasing (leasing, renting);
  4. Payment services;
  5. The issuance and management of other payment instruments (such as travellers’ checks and bankers’ drafts) insofar as this service is not included in the services referred to in the previous paragraph;
  6. The issuance of guarantees and other commitments;
  7. Trade on own account or on the account of customers: foreign exchange, including currency exchange transactions, money market instruments, futures and options, exchange and interest-rate financial instruments, transferable securities;
  8. Other services related to storage;
  9. Safe custody services.

The bank may also perform additional financial services under Article 6 of the Banking Act 2, namely, mediation in the sale of insurance policies according to the law governing the insurance business and the marketing of units of investment funds.

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