Gorenjska banka

A flexible and practical bank.


We devote all our creative energy to customers and their needs. Therefore, we have the knowledge and capacity to recognise what is truly important to people. We do not like empty promises, castles in the clouds and empty glamour – we are focused on practical solutions that customers really care about.

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  • Information on the submission of counterproposals More
  • The 32nd General Meeting of Gorenjska banka d.d., Kranj More
  • The Supervisory Board has confirmed the audited annual report of Gorenjska banka for the financial year of 2017 More
  • 6.5 million euros of non-audited net profit in 2017 More
  • Andrej Andoljšek will conclude his mandate as the Management Board President of Gorenjska banka at the end of March More


Gorenjska banka d.d., Kranj
Bleiweisova cesta 1, p.p. 147
SI-4000 Kranj


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